About Us

Since 1984 Graffiti Theatre Company has been providing a unique brand of excellence in drama and theatre work for children and young people from birth to 18 years, throughout Cork city and county.


Graffiti’s Vision

We create theatre and quality arts experiences to help children to imagine a better world. 

Graffiti’s Mission

Every child should have the right to access culture and discover the world through the arts. We nurture young people’s curiosity and imagination to enrich their lives.

We celebrate the voices of all children and young people. We value inclusion.

We believe in building community through creativity, kindness and the power of imagination.

We develop children’s confidence and mental wellbeing through participation in the arts.

We inspire them to forge a greater connection with the world and a sense of belonging through a guided and transformative discovery of the arts.

The Graffiti Team

Niall Cleary is the Company’s CEO and Lynn Canham is its Company Secretary

Niall Cleary

Niall Cleary

CEO & Creative Director

Niall is responsible for collaboratively building Graffiti artistic programmes and productions. He creates company partnerships, funding support and ensures that the creative voices of children and young people are at the core of all aspects of the organisation. Beginning his Graffiti career in 2015 running Creative Learning And Activate, in 2018, he was appointed Artistic Director and CEO.

His directorial skills have been utilised in supporting the Activate Youth theatre productions as well as writing “Don’t Smile till Christmas”, while “This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing” by Finegan Kruckemeyer was his directorial first for the professional company. Niall also acted many years ago in a production of “The Lost Ones” directed by his predecessor, mentor and Graffiti founder, Emelie FitzGibbon. Niall is Chair of Youth Theatre Ireland and a committee member of TYAI.

A qualified teacher in a former life, Niall is also mad for the rowing currachs and also holds a chainsaw licence.

Lynn Canham

Lynn Canham

General Manager

Responsible for the day to day running of the good ship Graffiti, Lynn works across finance, fundraising, communications, human resource and governance, and has a deep, sometimes worrying, adoration for colour-coded spreadsheets.

Lynn was previously based in London for 16 years, working with Amnesty International in Creative Partnerships and Artist Relations managing campaigns with artists across the creative spectrum, and at Franses in Social Impact & Philanthropic engagement, before returning to her hometown of Cork in 2017.

Most importantly, she is also an Activate Youth Theatre alumna from the mid-90s, and once celebrated the Theatre’s birthday by dressing as Mrs Doyle from Father Ted, complete with precariously balanced cup and saucer, insisting on tea for all.

She still loves tea, comedy, the sea, and looking after people.

Sile Ni Bhroin

Sile Ni Bhroin

Associate Director

Síle oversees creative programming and production development at Graffiti, with her special focus and passion being Graffiti as Gaeilge.

Síle has worked with Graffiti off and on since 1999 and has participated in the company’s evolution throughout the years. She spent nine years working in theatre in the Czech Republic, specialising in physical theatre, puppetry and teaching, and has brought those interests back to Graffiti with her. Highlights with Graffiti include directing “Walking Man” and its Irish re-telling, “An Fear Siúil” by Jody O’Neill and the devised piece “Trasna” in 2020 with Niall Cleary.

Síle’s role as an Arts Council/Creative Ireland Creative Schools’ Associate frequently takes her from the office connecting schools with Arts engagement opportunities.

An established yoga teacher in Cork, Sile also enjoys great coffee, great books and Vitamin Sea – ideally all at the same time.

Sile Ni Bhroin

Julie O Leary

Creative Learning Coordinator and Director of Activate

Julie consults, devises and delivers theatre-based workshops for school, college and community group settings. These encompass Wellbeing & Resilience, Diversity, Anti-Bullying, Moving On (preparing for PostPrimary) Raising My Voice (Youth Leadership and Citizenship) and our latest workshop, The Voyage: Coping during Covid.

A previous member of Activate Youth Theatre, Julie is delighted to now manage the day to day running of the three Activate Youth Theatres: Activate Senior (15 to 18years) Activate Pre-Senior (13 to 15years) and Activate Junior (10 to 13years) while also facilitating the weekly workshops and directing performances.

Julie also manages Fighting Words at Graffiti, the weekly creative writing programme for primary and post-primary classes and brain-child of Roddy Doyle and Sean Love.

Julie has worked with Graffiti on and off since 2007…or 2002, if you count her 2 weeks of Work Experience in Transition Year (which we do!).

Julie not so secretly wants to own a souped up campervan and run a music festival from her back garden. If anyone can, Julie can!

Sile Ni Bhroin

Christine Callanan

Bookings Officer

Christine is Graffiti’s office administrator and Bookings Officer.

She has been with the company since 2008, and has the hefty task of calendar coordination of staff, workshops, theatre facilities bookings and external venue engagements.

Christine supports communications with parents, schools and teachers seeking to book productions, workshops, Activate theatre and Fighting Words workshops.

She is the first point of contact at Graffiti Theatre Company and truly enjoys connecting and supporting the many young people, artists, teachers and organisational partners that contact the company.

Christine likes long walks and having a chilled-out day off.

Sile Ni Bhroin

Emelie FitzGibbon


Emelie FitzGibbon founded Graffiti in 1984 and led the company as Artistic Director/CEO until 2017. She was the founding director of the short-lived Everyman Youth Theatre in Cork, directed the Pan Celtic Song Contest and directed a number of productions for the Cork Theatre Company before turning her focus to educational theatre and starting Graffiti.

Her educational theatre productions, mostly for Graffiti but also for Replay and Very Special Arts have been seen not only in Ireland but also in the U.K, France, Finland and the U.S. As an Educational Drama leader she has worked with teachers and youth leaders in Sweden, Malta, the U.S., Austria, Switzerland, Hong Kong and the Czech Republic.

Her reviews and articles on poetry, Irish Theatre, Educational Theatre and Youth Theatre have been published in a wide range of newspapers, magazines and journals in Ireland, the UK, Hungary, China, Switzerland, the U.S. and Australia. As a member of the Executive and as Chairperson, Emelie was involved with the National Association for Youth Drama for over 35 years. She worked extensively with New York University’s Department of Educational Theatre and has served on the boards of Cork Theatre Company, Everyman Palace Theatre, Youth Theatre Ireland, Cork Midsummer Festival, Asylum Theatre Company and CIT Arts Committee.