Premises & Theatre Space


Graffiti Premises

The FitzGibbon Theatre – a fully equipped working theatre dedicated to theatre for and by young people.

With the generous support of The Department of Arts Sports & Tourism, Cork City Council and The Arts Council, this venue is now the only fully equipped working theatre outside of Dublin dedicated to theatre for and by young people.

The building also houses the administration of Graffiti, Activate Youth Theatre, Fighting Words at Graffiti and the Swortzell Studio Space.

Rehearsal Space

From time to time Graffiti Theatre’s Auditorium and Studio becomes available for rehearsal hire.

Primarily during the summer months and early January, or whenever our schedule allows, we accept proposals for hire (see terms & conditions below). Companies wishing to use the venue for public performances or workshops must be invited by Graffiti and be of a nature that does not conflict with the company’s aims and objectives.*

Auditorium Hire

The cost includes heating and electricity, supervisor on call except for evening rental periods.

  • €200 per day 10.00-17.00 (Monday–Friday)
  • €100 per evening 17.00 – 22.00
  • OR €25 per hour + the cost of a supervisor.

Please note if you require additional tech/sm/foh staff this will incur an additional charge*

Studio Hire

Cost includes heating and electricity, supervisor on call, except for evening rental periods*

  • Monday – Friday €10 per hour
  • €100 for the full day 10.00 – 17.00
  • €70 + cost of supervisor for full evening 17.00 – 22.00
  • OR €15 per hour + cost of supervisor.


Insurance required of outside organisations, individuals or companies who wish to use Graffiti’s premises or facilities. Evidence of their Employers Liability (if relevant) and Public Liability insurance cover for the duration of their presence on site should be provided in advance. The following is an outline of the evidence required:

  • A signed Statement from organisation’s insurers
  • Number of the policy under which cover is being provided
  • The amount of the full limit of indemnity should be stated. The indemnity limits should be not less than €13m for Employer’s Liability and €13m for Public Liability
  • Specific indemnity should be made to Graffiti Theatre Company Ltd. against any claim arising out of the presence of the relevant organisation in the premises
  • The renewal date of the policy and any specific exclusions or restrictions under its cover relevant to their presence at Graffiti should be confirmed.

In addition, the organisation, individual or company should be aware that Graffiti accepts no responsibility for loss of or damage to their property whilst on the premises.

*Please note that Graffiti’s venue is not available for private functions. For more information please see the theatre specs and equipment list or contact Graffiti‘s General Manager, Lynn Canham on 021 4397111 or email