Fighting Words Primary

Creative Writing workshops for children of all abilities. Encouraging children to read, write, tell stories and be proud of their imaginations.

Working together, with the help of our volunteer tutors, the children write an original story in an fun and interactive way. The children create the characters and plot together, making group decisions and editing as they go. Throughout the session, a volunteer artist is also on hand to provide illustrations and bring their imaginative stories to life.

The class writes the first part of the story together then each child has the opportunity to write their own individual ending to the story, with the assistance and encouragement of our volunteer tutors. Each child leaves the session with a printed book of the story they have just created.

Fighting Words workshops encourage literacy, inspires creativity, build creative confidence and recognises the importance of each child’s voice. It’s also GREAT FUN!


Chun tuilleadh eolais a fháil maidir le Fighting Words as Gaeilge, nó chun ceardlann Ghaeilge a chur in áirithint, bí i dteagmháil le



Duration2 hours (with a break)
Who it’s forPrimary School class groups, from 1st class up





Fighting Words workshops are delivered free of charge, but schools must organise or provide their own transport

I loved it and I thought it was really fun and the people were really kind and made us laugh and I would love to come back
Tahgh, aged 9

This is the best day I ever had since I moved here
Ava, aged 8

I found the workshop exciting and creative and my favourite thing about it was getting our own book
Katherina, aged 9

I’ve just returned from chatting to a very happy group of 4th class children. They thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and we are all so very proud of the work they did while attending. Both the class teacher and the SNA commented on how wonderful and beneficial the workhops was for children of all abilities. Thanks again for the giving the children of our school such a wonderful opportunity to be creative!

Workshops are free of charge but rely on donations from friends and patrons to maintain the programme. Donations are welcome from schools, individuals or groups.

Fighting Words is a national programme, created by Roddy Doyle and has locations around the country. You can find more about Fighting Words at

How To Book

Contact Christine to book a workshop for your class / 021 439 7111