Children and young people are dealing with ever increasing levels of stress and anxiety.

This workshop frames a conversation around welling being and minding our mental health in a fun and interactive way.

During our Wellbeing workshops we work from an imagined space to ensure that children feel a freedom to express ideas and form strategies around Wellbeing.

We use improvisation, character in role, forum theatre and facilitated discussions to address the different pillars of Wellbeing, including mental health, resilience and anxiety.

Participants are invited to explore these topics in a safe and creative space, while gathering tools and strategies for Wellbeing.

Duration90 minutes
Who it’s forAvailable for Primary and Post-primary
CostContact bookings@graffiti.ie
Our Wellbeing workshops can be designed as a one-off workshop or as a series of workshops, dependant on the school’s needs. Our workshops complement the Junior Certificate curriculum for Wellbeing, CSPE and SPHE.

How To Book

Contact bookings@graffiti.ie or by phone on 021 4397111

The Voyage

This participatory well-being workshop offers an opportunity to reflect on the year gone by, and equips students and teachers with skills they may need for future change and transition.

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Moving On Post-primary

This workshop explores the transition from Primary to Post-primary and the skills that students will need to settle in to their new school environment

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Our society is increasingly diverse, we celebrate that with young people. In this workshop students are encouraged to act inclusive of ability, culture and ethnicity and to challenge exclusion and racism.

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Moving On

Moving on from Primary to Post-primary is exciting but it can also be a challenge. This workshop is created for 6th class students to discuss their hopes and fears through drama as they prepare for the journey ahead.

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