Holiday Inn

By Cillian Sheehan · Age: 12+ · Running time 20 mins

This unique site specific collaboration between Graffiti and Activate Youth Theatre was performed in a hotel room as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival 2019.

“In the beginning it’s like a holiday, an escape from the pain of the outside world. But there comes a point in every holiday where you just want to go home.”

Fifteen hundred homeless families in Ireland, and growing every day. The Dohertys are one of them. Unable to keep up with rising rent prices, they find themselves, like so many others, exiled to a hotel, trapped in a couple of 4×4 rooms. Join us for this unique and intimate piece of site specific theatre which invites us to take a closer look in the life of one such family.

Written by Cillian Sheehan, a participant on the 2018 Young Playwrights Programme.

DirectorNiall Cleary
Costume DesignLaura Perrem
DramaturgJohn McCarthy
CastÉadaoin O’Donoghue
Olwyn Patterson
Ivan Dowd McIlloroy
Lillie Woodhouse

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