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Lisa McGee (English)

Lisa McGee’s story starter “A Christmas Mission” is read by Bronagh Gallagher

Lisa McGee is a playwright, screenwriter, producer and creator  of Channel 4’s Derry Girls and other highly acclaimed TV productions including The Deceived, Indian Summers, London Irish and Raw.
Her story starter is read by actress and singer Bronagh Gallagher, whose standout performances are far reaching, including the Commitments, Pulp Fiction, Pramface and a Bump Along the way, for which she received an IFTA nomination. Her latest single ‘Truth or Dare’ was released earlier this year and was co-written with the Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart

A Christmas Mission

When their parents told them they were moving to Eagle Mountain, Jospeh (9 1/2) and Sean (6 3/4) had thought it was a joke. It was three days before Christmas! And nobody lived on Eagle Mountain. Well except maybe the odd eagle. Yet here they are. In this big old house surrounded by forest – not a neighbour in sight. “This place might not feel much like home right now,” their mother said softly. “But it’s going to be very special,” she promised. “Hmmm…” Joseph muttered as he turned to his brother. “I don’t think so somehow,” he whispered. “I’m not so sure I trust this Mammy character, you know?” Sean nodded along in agreement “The boys toyed with raising their concerns with their father but decided there was no point. Ultimately Mammy was in charge. She took a mad notion to live on a creepy mountain and now they’re all stuck here.“This place is the pits,” Sean sighed. “We’ve no friends to play with and we can’t even get wifi – we’re too high up – it’s barbaric!” Joseph was impressed. “Barbaric” was quite a big word for a young fella of only 6 and 3/4. Okay, so it wasn’t all bad. They liked racing their bikes down the never ending corridors and enjoyed exploring the hidden passageways and secret rooms but something was really starting to trouble them. Christmas is so close now and how on earth will Santa find this place? They didn’t write him a letter to tell them they’d moved. There wasn’t time. The house is so remote, so hidden, even if Santa uses his Santa nav he’s sure to miss it. Then what? No Santa, no presents, no Christmas 

“No way!” Joseph announced loudly. “Listen Sean…I’ve been thinking.” His little brother looked alarmed – that’s never good, but Joseph continued undetered, delighted with his great idea. “If Santa can’t find us – then we will just have to find Santa!” Sean’s eyes widened “Really?” Joseph slapped his brother on the back “Really. Pack your bag Sean…we’re going on an adventure…”

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We hope that young writers all over Ireland – and beyond – will be inspired to create new Christmas stories at school or at home.

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12 Stories of Christmas Storybook

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