12 Stories of Christmas
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Cecelia Ahern (English)

Cecilia Ahern’s Christmas story starter is read by Máirtín Ó Dubhghaill 

Cecilia Ahern is an award winning irish novelist who has been published in 50 countries and has sold over 25 million copies of her novels worldwide. Cecilia also created and produced the American comedy series, Samantha Who?.
Her Christmas story starter is read by actor Máirtín Ó Dubhghaill who can currently be seen in Ros na Run.

A Christmas Story

It’s Christmas Eve and the crowd in Phoenix Park cheer as President Higgins turns on the lights of Europe’s tallest Christmas tree. The star on top beams and fireworks fill the sky. Colours explode and pop like burst piñatas, glittering lights trickle down like falling candy. Everyone oohs and ahhs and while they’re distracted I get to work. I move through the crowd sliding a wallet from a coat pocket, lifting an iPhone from a buggy, then leg it to the woods before I’m caught. 

I hear rustling and my heart pounds, thinking it’s the Gardaí, but it’s a huge reindeer with massive antlers and a wet nose. 

‘Alright?’ I say.

He looks down at the stolen phone and wallet on the ground. 

‘Ok, judgy reindeer.’ 

There’s a sudden crash in the tree above me. I look up to discover a green velvet sack stuck in the branches. It’s heaving with toys. More loot, happy days. With it is a list of toys with names and addresses beside them.

‘These delivery fellas are getting worse,’ I say. 

The reindeer nods and grunts.

‘Oh no. Not me. No way.’

I’m used to taking stuff from people, not giving it to them. 

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Celebrate Your Creativity!

We hope that young writers all over Ireland – and beyond – will be inspired to create new Christmas stories at school or at home.

You can use the templates here to help you to write all the stories in your imagination!

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12 Stories of Christmas Storybook

We have also collected all the stories in English and Irish in a book you can download and print.