We want to hear from facilitators interested in children and young people’s creativity

Dec 21, 2021

Graffiti’s Creative Learning department is keen to expand our network of theatre facilitators and to start some creative conversations with artists based in Cork City, and beyond!

We are eager to meet artists and facilitators who love working with children and young people, and supporting them to reach their creative potential. 

If you’re a workshop facilitator, theatre director, or artist that works with children we’d love to hear about your work, and to tell you more about what Graffiti does too.

We especially welcome expressions of interest from seldom heard voices;  those who feel their voices are not commonly represented in the contemporary world.

If any of this  sounds like you, or someone you know, complete this short online form before the 10th of January and we’ll be in touch in the new year for chats!


Any problems with the form, give us a shout at lynn@graffiti.ie