PAPER PLAY – a fun arts activity to try at home from visual artist Regina Carbayo

Dec 4, 2020

“Paper Play” is a free sensory play activity for Early Years, suitable for babies and for children up to 3, created by visual artist and long time BEAG Early Years artist, Regina Carbayo. This video is in the final in a current series and was created thanks to an artist bursary from the @DCYApress (Dept. Children and Youth Affairs) in association with @CreativeIreland. The bursary was facilitated by Graffiti as part of its Early Years programme of arts encounters for children from birth to school age for 2020.

Regina has an easy to follow set of instructions to help you get the most out of Paper Play below. We hope you enjoy!

From Regina:

By playing with these paper balls, you will be able to explore some of the SENSES while developing motor skills.
Touch: the paper balls have a particular texture

Sight: the balls and snow have a fantastic visual effect, just being displayed on the ground create a magical effect. Seeing the scrap paper falling as if it were snow has another magical impact.

Hearing: The balls have a crispy sound when are touched. Also sprinkling the pieces of paper has a lovely subtle sound.
By playing with these paper balls, you will be able to explore some of the SENSES while developing motor skills.

The video has two parts, the first part is a video tutorial and the second one is a performance for the children to be watched (from min. 3:06)

TISSUE PAPER (large sheets paper 50 x 70 cm). A4 can be also used, although you will get smaller balls.
CARD BOX (a white small box would be ideal or Paint a regular box)

Cut the paper sheets onto square shapes (it does not to be perfectly squared)
LARGE BALLS: use from 8 to 10 sheets of paper to make it puffy enough (the more sheets of paper used, the puffiest the ball will be).
MEDIUM SIZE: use from 5 to 8 sheets of paper.
SMALL SIZE: use 5 sheets of paper.

Display a large beige sheet or fabric on the ground to be used as a play area. Then, put the balls on top of it and encourage the children to play. At some point, bring out the small pieces of paper and sprinkle it gently over their heads. This is one of the more magical moments for the children. Allow them to lay with all the elements (balls and bits of paper).
By playing with this, children will develop the sense of sight, touch and hearing. They will also develop motor skills by walking through the balls, pilling them on top of each other, blowing the small pieces of paper, etc.

We hope you enjoy!

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