Looking for easy St Patrick’s Day activities for your class or at home? Make your own Celtic Hero Costume with Graffiti and Deirdre Dwyer

Mar 8, 2021

This is a fun opportunity for children aged 5-12 (and their adults!) to design and make a St.Patrick’s day costume based on the theme of Celtic Heroes.

 We’ve been inspired by stories of Queen Medb and Cuchulainn, and we hope you’ll be inspired too!

By following  our series of workshop videos you can learn how to transform an old, oversized T-shirt into a tunic, embellish your outfit with a Celtic Brooch, fashion a cloak, make an awesome headband – or all of the above!

The supremely talented Set and Costume Designer Deirdre Dwyer will guide you through the design and creation of your costume, using materials that can be found at home or easily sourced,  such as T-shirts, blankets, wool, card, and paint. 

There are 4 different videos available to watch :

Celtic Heroes Costume – Deirdre tells us about her inspiration for this project and shows you how to create your own design and costume. She also shows us what the full costume will look like, if you want to put all of the elements together. 

Celtic Heroes Tunic – Deirdre shows us how to make a tunic using a t-shirt, acrylic paint, and wool. 

Celtic Heroes Headbands and Leg Ties  – Deirdre shows us how to make a headband and leg ties, using three different colours of wool. 

Celtic Heroes Tara Brooch – Deirdre shows us how to make a Celtic Tara Brooch using card, paint and a safety pin. 

Here’s a handy list from Deirdre of the things you’ll need and some handy instructions:

If you want to share your creations with us, you can ask an adult to upload an photo of you wearing your costume to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter mentioning Graffiti and Cork City Council and using the hashtags

#CorkGoesGreen #CorkStPatricksFestival

Happy creating and Happy Hero-ing!