Julie Kelleher announced as new Chair of Board at Graffiti

Mar 26, 2021

#FeelgoodFriday is still a thing, right?

We’re feeling more than good this morning as we announce that there is a changing of the guard here at Graffiti.

After a substantial stint as Chair of our Board of trustees, for which we thank Joe Dermody hugely for keeping such a steady hand on the tiller of the Good Ship Graffiti, we welcome our board member Julie Kelleher to her new role as Chair.

Julie has already played a vital role as a Graffiti Board member over the past few years with one of the most authentic, trusted and valued voices in the Arts community in Cork and we feel very lucky to be able to announce her as our new Chair to (really stretching our boating analogy now but stay with us…) helm Graffiti on our next set of voyages.

Black and white photograph of Julie Kelleher smiling looking ahead, off camera. She is mid directing a piece of theatre.
DKANE 05/07/2018 LONESOME WEST, EVERYMAN. Directed by JULIE KELLEHER Pic Darragh Kane

Julie: “I was so honoured to have been brought on to the Graffiti board in 2017 by founder Emelie FitzGibbon. In the course of those few years I have moved from admiration at a distance, to getting a thrilling close-up view of the pride and passion that fuels this company and the extraordinary work they do investing in young people and their creativity. The sense of potential and possibility for the future at Graffiti is infectious. You can feel it in the team, in their approach to the work, in the partners who have the good sense to work with them and in the brilliant young people who engage with the wide range of activities. I’m very proud to take up the Chair at this moment of great change, in the knowledge that both the team at Graffiti, led by the lionhearted Niall Cleary, and my fellow board members, are ready to meet the challenges ahead to unlock bright futures for so many.”

*Pic by Darragh Kane*