Do you also love that new book smell?

Sep 19, 2020

Well this is like that only better! This box of Cethan Leahy goodies is now empty, with copies of YA favourite, Tuesdays are Just as Bad having winged (wung?🤷‍♀️) their way to our Activate Youth Theatre Senior group this week, ahead of new term starting next week at actual Graffiti HQ live and in person 🤞

Thanks to the Arts Council Ireland Youth Ensemble Scheme, our Activate Seniors will be working with Cathan to adapt this stellar book set in the Real Capital, for theatre.    They’re excited, we’re excited, it’s exciting!

Special shout out to our outstanding Director of Activate, Julie O’Leary, who has  been working her jazz hands off with weighty protocols, sums, spreadsheets and pointy 2-metre sticks, to get Activate up and running again  safely and smoothly for our three youth theatres. Take a bow, Julie!