Creative Learning workshops for schools!

Apr 18, 2024


How are you? We might not have met before but we are Graffiti. Nice to meet you! If this is your first time visiting our page, well, let’s tell you a little bit about us.

Since 1984, we have been creating high quality theatre productions, providing meaningful arts encounters and delivering engaging workshops for, with and by young people. 

We believe that theatre is for every child. We reach children and young people for whom theatre is unknown or unloved so that they can discover it as a medium through which they can express themselves. We would like to invite you and your school to be a new Graffiti connection and to start your creative journey!

Our Creative Learning programme has been built upon 40 years of experience delivering workshops in schools across Cork city and county. Workshops have been designed and built by listening to and by keeping the needs of schools in mind. We strive to compliment the important work that takes place in the classroom by offering creative programmes that truly engage and excite. Delivered by our experienced and highly skilled theatre and drama facilitators we bring fun and engaging workshops in theatre making, creative writing and drama skills to schools. We offer workshops to both primary and post-primary schools, for early primary school children all the way to sixth year.

The biggest compliment we have received about our Creative Learning programme so far has been; “Our attendance has been through the roof because they all want to be in to practice and they are just absolutely loving it. Some of our shy kids who wouldn’t volunteer normally are the first ones looking for a part.” – Jennifer Buckley, primary school teacher. 

Watch the behind the scenes of ‘Raising Our Voices’. A creative learning programmed designed by Graffiti and funded by RTE Toy Show Appeal fund by Community Foundation Ireland.

If you would like to know more or receive our Creative Learning Brochure, please don’t hesitate to drop Christine in our office, an email or phone call for more information.


Tel: 021 439 7111