Theatre Specs & Equipment

Lighting & Sound Inventory
Cantata FresnelStrand6
Cantata BarndoorStrand6
Quartet FresnelStrand12
Quartet BarndoorStrand12
Source 4 Junior ZoomEtc12
Par 64 ParcanThomas12
Par 64 Bulb 12
Coda FloodStrand10
24/48 Series 200 ControlStrand1
LED Par64Starville8


Sound Equipment
Dedicated Sound Mac iBook with Ableton 7.0 with External Sound CardApple1
Outline AmpD43K1
500w Outline SpeakersSpeakon Compatible2
220w (Linked) Outline SpeakersSpeakon Compatible4
140w Amped Speakers (Touring Kit Accepting Stereo Jacks & XLR)JBL4
OIV96V2 Sound Desk With MonitorsYamaha1
Limited number of mikes also available including 4 x Radio Mikes